Neutral-grade alcohol

Neutral-grade alcohol “surfin” is an alcohol directly produced from the distillation of wine and wine subproducts through an elaborate multiple-column distillation process. It has a volume of 96,2% and it is characterized by a clear and colourless appearance. The precise qualitative production standards enable this alcohol to acquire a characteristic fine taste. Neutral-grade alcohol is commercialized by us all over the world, primarily as a base for the production of several alcoholic spirits.

Product Specifications
Alcohol Content: 96,2%v/v
Methanol: 10 g/hl
Acidity (as acetic acid): <0,1 g/hl
Esters (as ethyl acetate): <0,1 g/hl
Higher Alcohols (in  methyl-2 propanol-1): <0,1 g/hl
Flavour: Typical Neutral Alcohol
Appearance: Clear & colourless