Solid and liquid wine lees are natural subproducts derived from the vinification process. We feed them to our distillation, tartrate-concentration, and anaerobic digestion plants to obtain alcohol, calcium tartrate, and biogas. Our wine lees production process significantly contributes to achieving a sustainable circular economy.


Grape marc is a natural sub-product derived from the vinification process. We extract its alcoholic component through our washing (“vinellazione”) and distillation plants thanks to which we can obtain several varieties of alcools. The residual component is then processed by our drying plant to obtain dried grape seeds. Finally, the liquid remainders of the distillation process are fed to our anaerobic digestion plant to obtain biogas which is then used to make steam.

Wine is processed by our distilleries which, thanks to a continuous distillation process, can produce neutral-grade alcohol, industrial-grade alcohol and brandy. Our brandy is then aged in wood barrels which have a total capacity of 80.000 hectoliters. The rigorously certified process of aging enables the product to acquire a exquisit, unique, and unreproducible taste. The product’s aging periods range from 2 to 6 years.

Calcium Tartrate is a semi-finished product derived from the processing of wine lees. In particular, we process the non-alcoholic liquid components of wine lees’ distillation through our concentration plant to obtain calcium tartrate crystals. The crystals are first dried and then sent to Industria Chimica Valenzana to produce tartaric acid.