Industria Chimica Valenzana

Industria Chimica Valenzana produces natural tartaric acid of agricultural origin and alcohol from calcium tartrate and wine lees. The plant, thanks to its advanced technology, operates with the highest quality and safety standards

Industria Meridionale Alcolici

I.M.A. is the leading Italian bioethanol production facility with the biggest Italian molecular sieve’s plant for the production of dehydrated alcohol at 99,9%vol. The bioethanol has <1% water content. The company has a production capacity of 600 CBM / day and a storage capacity of 36.000 CBM exclusively in stainless steel tanks. The plant is connected via two pipelines to Trapani’s port for loading and unloading vessels. I.M.A also offers storage services for third parties.

Distilleria Bertolino

Distilleria Bertolino has several production facilities to process agricultural subproducts. In particular, the plant produces various qualities of alcohol (neutral grade, row grade, industrial use), brandy (fresh and aged), calcium tartrate and dried grape seeds.

All the alcohols and brandys are produced by two distillation plants which have a combined daily production capability of 150.000 liters anhydrous. The distillery has a storage capacity of more than 1.000.000Hl in various silos and an aging/storage capacity of 80.000Hl to produce aged brandy.

The plant also makes calcium tartrate which is sent to Industria Chimica Valenzana to produce Tartaric Acid. Furthermore, Distilleria Bertolino produces dried grape seeds from grape marc which are sold both for for oil production (alimentary) and for energy production.

Distilleria Bertolino satisfies all the requirements for the ISCC EU for its raw-grade alcohol thanks to an advanced raw material tracking system which certifies a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.