The activity of Distilleria Bertolino S.p.A. is mainly the processing of wine and its by-products for the production of ethyl alcohol, brandy, fresh and aged, and denatured alcohol (annual production’s capacity of around 15.000.000 litres of alcohol of different qualities with a distillation plant of a daily production’s capacity of 150.000 litres).
Distilleria Bertolino S.p.A. also produce: calcium tartrate, from wine-lee’s processing, which is the raw material for the production of tartaric acid,  dry grape seeds used either for  the production of oil from grape-seed and for the production of energy (heating purposes).
The Alcohol and brandy’s production are sold all over the world for different uses:
Primarly the beverage one.
In particular, its storage’s capacity in wood barrels equal to 80.000 Hectoliters gives to the company the opportunity to produce a very high quality brandy aged differently.

The alcohol coming from wine by products (grape marc and wine lees) is a biofuel of second generation also called “advanced”, and it is today considered from the current legislation (DL 3/3/2011 n° 28 and DM 10/10/2014) more sustainable then other biofuels from an environmental point of view, and therefore to be used with a priority.

In Italy, following the European Directive on the promotion and use of biofuels, it is mandatory for petrol users to market a certain percentage of biofuels, in order to develop the productive chain, increase its use and limit the Co2’ emissions.

This percentage to enter for consumption is calculated with reference to the energetic content expressed in Gigacalories (Gcal) of gasoline and diesel supplied the previous year, weighted following certain percentages set out in the legislation.

Quality Character Shows Perfection Approval And ExcellentAs from the 1st January 2012 the biofuel entered for consumption is considered eligible, according to the legislation, only if it is sustainable, which means if it is accompanied by a certification of sustainability issued by the last economic operator of the delivery chain.

The Distilleria Bertolino S.p.A. is, for that purpose, certified sustainable according to the ISCC-EU certification system for its production, having a traceability system of the entire chain of production which guarantees a significant reduction of Co2’ emissions.