acido_tartaricoNatural Tartaric acid  (C4H6O6) is an organic acid naturally contained in grapes and it is obtained from a by-product of wine (wine-lees).
It is well known, in fact, from the ancient times, that during grapes fermentation crystals of potassium ditartrate (tartar) remain on the walls of aging barrels or deposit a fine sediment, the so-called wine-lees.
Today Natural Tartaric Acid Natural Tartaric Acid is obtained through the industrial reduction of Calcium Tartrate from wine lees and wine by-products.
The acid found in grapes is clearly a natural product, which is different from the tartaric acid coming out from petroleum derivatives, made through the  fermentation of chemical intermediates. Natural Tartaric Acid (L+) is thus produced through a sophisticated industrial – chemical process which transforms calcium tartrate.

c4h6o6_icv_02Tartaric Acid, (2R,3R)-2,3-dihydroxybutane-1,4-diodic acid, appears in the form of colourless crystals or white powder, high soluble in water, freely soluble in alcohol (to then be addressed to the production of advanced bioethanol), odourless and with a strong acidic taste.

Its usage is manifold: from the food industry, to the beverage industry;  to the pharmaceutical and even in construction, where it is used in the making of plasterboard panels or chalk-based plasters, to several other fields where it’s used as an acid to correct pH or as an antioxidant.

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