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The Alcohol produced by Gruppo Bertolino arises from the distillation of  wine and its various by-products. The varieties can be differentiated according to the market demand and their final use. Neutral Alcohol “surfin”, alcohol completely lacking of impurity, is directly produced through the distillation of wine; it must be clear and colourless, with a correct taste, and an alcohol content of 96,2% vol min. This alcohol is traded and sold by the Group all over the world, mainly as a base for the production of several alcoholic beverages. Raw Alcohol, on the other hand, contains more impurities and an alcohol content of approximately 92%, and it is traded for an industrial use.
The so called “raw alcohol” coming from wine by-products (grape marc and wine lees) is considered, according to the recent legislation on biofuels, a sustainable and “advanced” biofuel of second generation, and thanks to its characteristic is sold on the Market with a premium.
Heads and Tails obtained as a waste product of the distillation, are rectified and transformed into raw alcohol for industrial use.

Alcohol Content: 96,2%v/v
Methanol: 10 g/hl
Acidity (as acetic acid): <0,1 g/hl
Esters (as ethyl acetate): <0,1 g/hl
Higher Alcohols (in  methyl-2 propanol-1): <0,1 g/hl
Flavour: Typical Neutral Alcohol
Appearance Clear & colourless

Use: As a basis for the production of different spirits.