cognac and leaves

Brandy is produced by the  Distilleria Bertolino S.p.A. through an accurate choice of wines to distill, in order to obtain a product with particular organoleptic’s  characteristics in function of wine origin and wine-yards diversity, zone by zone, in order to better meet the different market’s demand.
In addition to fresh brandy, it is also produced the unique aged brandy, which is aged in wood barrels, for different kinds of aging (1-2-3 years or more), thanks to the storage capacity all in wood barrels of 80.000 hectoliters.
The aging process is under custom control which certify the duration of permanence in the barrels by sealing them.
Brandy is a product of  a very high quality and its aging in wood barrels gives an additional value in term of quality by highlighting its organoleptic’s  characteristics and giving a particular aroma appreciated in the tasting process.
Brandy among the alcoholic beverages is a niche product, that distilled uniquely from wine, is positioned, from a quality point of view, as the most precious alcoholic beverages in the world.